Monday, August 4, 2008

PowerPoint 2007: Status Bar View Switching

The view switcher group in the status bar lets you, with a single click, switch between the main document views. For many releases now PowerPoint has had a view switching control in the status bar. What's not obvious to most folks is there is hidden access to multiple views in each of these buttons! Here's where the fun starts. You can "modify" the effect of clicking on any of these buttons by holding down the SHIFT key or CTRL key while you click each button. This gives you a number of additional views you can quickly shift to. Here are the main commands.
  • SHIFT-Click the Slide Sorter button to switch to the Handout Master View
  • CTRL-SHIFT-Click the Slide Sorter button to expand the Outline to the full window
  • SHIFT-Click the Normal button to switch to the Slide Master View
  • CTRL-SHIFT-Click the Normal button to hide everything except the slide
  • SHIFT-Click the Slide Show button for quick access to the Set Up Show Dialog
  • CTRL-Click the Slide Show button to display a 1/4 screen preview (miniature) of the slide show. The miniature view is a full featured slide show, complete with transitions and animations, all of the standard navigation and even the final "click to exit" black screen. While it is running you can click back into the normal view, make changes to the slides, and resume the show displaying those changes.

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