Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Office2010 Technical Preview

It's been fun so far and very easy to adjust to MS Office 2010. The ribbons and tools are the same as 2007, but the Office Button has undergone a major make over. At first I wasn't too sure I liked it, but it is very intuitive and I haven't needed to go to help to find anything yet. If you are still on Office 2003, you really should make the move to 2007 first to easy your way into 2010. You'll be much happier you did.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Excel 2007: Paste into Non-sequential Cells in Excel

You can use the CTRL key for multiple selections. Sometimes, you want to copy a formula or piece of data into a series of non-sequential cells in Microsoft Office Excel. You can do this quickly without having to paste into each cell individually.
  1. Copy the data from the source cell.
  2. Hold down the CTRL key as you click to select each destination cell.
  3. After all the cells are highlighted, paste the data by pressing CTRL+V. You have to paste only once.
Similarly, you can type data into a series of cells simultaneously.
  1. While holding down the CTRL key, click all the cells that you want to type the same text (or value) into.
  2. Type the entry, and then press CTRL+ENTER. The text will be added to all the selected cells.