Thursday, August 1, 2013

Let's merge our shapes and form a union

Sometimes you need a specific shape for your presentation. There's nothing quite perfect in the Shapes menu, but if I could combine two or more, it would be perfect. You can do this with Merge Shapes tool.
  1. Draw two or more shapes that overlap to form the basic shape you desire.
  2. Select all shapes to merge and on the DRAWING TOOLS|FORMAT menu, in the Insert Shapes group, click Merge Shapes and then choose from one of the options.
  • Union - merge shapes into one shape and all surface area becomes one
  • Combine - merge shape into one shape but keeps distinct areas of overlap
  • Fragment - breaks apart so each shape is separate and moveable
  • Intersect - keeps the intersecting area only
  • Subtract - removes the other shape and its area of overlap