Monday, June 9, 2008

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007: Setting Your Default Theme in PowerPoint

Setting a default design is particularly useful if you work in department that requires you to use specific template. Whenever you open PowerPoint the design you chose is automatically applied to the new document, and you're ready to go!
As you're probably aware by now, Office 2007 introduces Themes; professionally created collections of colors, effects, and fonts, which can be applied to Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Themes provide a uniform professional look across different document types, as well as providing powerful customization options.
  1. Apply your theme of choice from the Theme gallery of the Design ribbon; it will then appear in the gallery. If you downloaded any of the approved templates from, you will need to select Browse for Themes… in the gallery to navigate to and select the theme.
  2. With the gallery open, right-click the theme thumbnail you want to make the new default and select Set as Default Theme.
To return to the original, repeat the steps above for the “Office Theme” found at the beginning of the Built-In section of the gallery.

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